Recruiting at Atlas

Why Atlas School is your solution for fulfilling your entry-level software talent needs

Why choose Atlas?

The Best Fit

We know employers are looking to hire people they can trust. At Atlas, we make sure our training sets students up for success as they enter the workforce and establish their careers. From small businesses to large corporations, hundreds of companies rely on Atlas Career Services & our website,, to help them connect with the student or alumni who best fits their organization. Here are just some of the outstanding places where our Tulsa alums work:

A Hands-on Learning Experience

An Atlas education prepares students to apply the knowledge gained in their program to real world applications. They possess critical work knowledge as well as technological, communication, leadership, and people skills. Atlas offers several 20-month computer science programs. Our collaborative learn-by-doing method focuses on an immersive, adaptable learning environment.

What Makes Atlas Students Different?

We teach our students how to carry themselves professionally and advocate for themselves in the workplace. They own the process of learning on their time, learning how to find the right resources and ask the right questions. Atlas students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, and we help them synthesize their experiences with their technical training. We realize there’s value in having a team with diverse life experiences who can bring their own knowledge and insight into the workplace.


  •, an online connecting point for employers and Atlas job seekers
  • Free job postings 
  • Free resume browsing
  • Reach our alumni for your more experienced positions
  • A dedicated Career Service team member to assist you