Atlas Resume Book Access

View resumes from a pool of qualified candidates.

Resume books can provide several benefits for employers in their hiring system:

  • Access to a pool of qualified candidates: Atlas’s resume books contain resumes and profiles of job seekers who have a sole interest in Computer Engineering. This allows employers to access a pool of potential candidates who have an interest and desire to work within the industry you are hiring for.
  • Time and cost efficiency: Utilizing resume books can save time and resources in the hiring process. Employers can review resumes and profiles without having to sift through numerous applications, reducing the time spent on initial screening.
  • Targeted recruitment: Resume books often allow employers to search for candidates based on specific criteria, such as skills, qualifications, or experience. This targeted approach can help employers identify candidates who closely match their requirements.
  • Diverse talent pool: Resume books can provide access to a diverse range of candidates, allowing employers to enhance their diversity and inclusion initiatives. This can lead to a more inclusive and representative workforce.
  • Proactive Approach: With hundreds of jobs posted each year, students and alumni have a huge variety of employers competing for their attention; proactive employers who browse resumes and contact candidates directly achieve higher levels of success than employers that rely solely on job postings.

It is important for employers to effectively utilize and manage resume books to maximize the benefits and ensure a fair and unbiased selection process.

Third Party Recruiters

  • Third Party Recruiters may post jobs if it is specifically related to Computer Engineering including positions but not limited to Distributed System Developer, UNIX Developer, SRE, Software Engineer, Systems Engineer, AI Engineer, Data Analyst, UX/UI Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Web Developer
  • Third Party Recruiters are not given access to the resume database.
  • Review the Third Party Recruiter Policy/Agreement.